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How the concept came about
Cave Wall Media creates concept ideas for education & intrigue.

This concept…. to introduce the term "momentum"….. offers an evolution on the existing knowledge of the term "speed" and it's well established relevance to road safety.

Whilst pottering around on the UK roads as a private hire driver…. helping to finance a few post concept studies, following a science degree…. it was considered that an awareness to the momentum on and around our roads, may allow an educational benefit that might help towards creating a safer use of our roads.
It is after all…. the driver of each vehicle, that is responsible for the amount of momentum…. they dial-in and dial-out of their vehicles.


The Concept
Momentum is…. the "mass" of an object, multiplied by it's "velocity" (being a speed with a direction).
* mass…. speed…. direction…. ALL have a value to road users.

* An awareness of momentum = an awareness of, mass, speed and direction.
* It is the driver that is responsible for thier vehicle's momentum…. at all times.
* An awareness of momentum = awareness to creating safer road use.
* MOMENTUM is relevant for road safety.

It will be the purpose of Momentum Exists, to find a range of methods, to introduce the concept of "momentum", in ways that may stimulate a knowledge for and of, it's relevance towards road safety.
Momentum Exists is not a campaign…. a campaign of momentum awareness, could occur, only if and when the concept is deemed worthy of such.


More details of the concept are given on the 'Overview' page including:
– safe momentum
– unsafe momentum
– brief example of momentum in road use
– the cool equation.
– how momentum has been honed for public comprehension (you 'dial-it-up' & you 'dial-it-down')
– list of first 6 poster ideas, as pending feedback.


1. To educate and inform road users to help make our roads safer by introducing an awareness that something important on our roads exists….. MOMENTUM.

1. To air the road safety concept initiative, being: MOMENTUM EXISTS.
2. To enable an awareness that something important on our roads exists….. MOMENTUM.
3. To introduce the notion of the scientific term, "momentum", into the minds of the general public road users.
4. To introduce the science, physics and maths, regarding the momentum relating to road users….. in a way that general public road users can learn, relate to…. and then pass on and receive information in discussions and debate at home, work, pub, group etc

1. To air the idea of the initiative, so to receive constructive feedback.
2. To build a network/team to propel, guide and journey forward with this initiative.
3. To obtain finances to produce and sustain 'products of influence' & 'campaigns' to achieve aims and objectives.


The general gist that momentum could be made to be considered as relevant for road safety…. is the incentive  for honing this concept initiative…. to air the idea to test and hone…. for integrity and worth.

It's a Work-In-Progress project…. Constructive feedback…. challenge and/or endorsements are welcome.


Kind Regards
Editor of Cave Wall Media
(story telling and visual design for education and intrigue)

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Contact for Cave Wall Media:

* There is also a Contact Form provision, on the 'Contact' page on this site for your convenience.



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