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Posters Pending 0001 – 6 posters


Posters Pending 0001 – 6 posters (Introduction)
To set things off, a batch of 6 images have been conceived & designed….. pending acceptance on relevance for use as visual stimulus.
This is a “work in progress” project. Feel free to chip in..





2 key questions to consider for feedback are:
1. If you knew what momentum was…. would you recognise the poster to be correct?
2. Would you agree, momentum is relevant to road safety?


The initial goals for this batch are:
1. To stimulate… Awareness to momentum and its presence on our roads.
2. To stimulate… Discussion and argument (debate) from road users, in response to seeing these images and being aware of the accompanying help file explanations available, applied in a campaign….. and through further images, video, info sheets….. from a mix of serious and humorous styles.


Help Files:
Momentum Explained, in 3 easy parts:
For an explanation of momentum, relating to road safety….. momentum has been honed, simply, into 3 easy parts….. found in the category: Momentum Explained

ME01. Momentum is a quantity….. you have ‘none’ or you have ‘some’.
ME02. Momentum is obtained & lost….. you ‘dial it up’ and you ‘dial it down’.
ME03. Momentum is variable….. you change the mass and/or you change the velocity.

For these 6 posters:
ME01 , ME02 & ME03 are relevant


Honed, useful feedback and comments are welcomed.
Chip in (road users, road officials, designers, social professionals, science & techs, fundraisers & grant application specialists, etc)….. all interested in road safety….. able to perceive potential of concept.


Comment and contact:
– This website has a contact form on it’s CONTACT page….. for direct communication with project admin.
– This Intro has comments open, for general Q&A’s and discussion on batch.
– Each poster in this batch has it’s own post in this category, and it’s own comments box.

– There is a facebook page which also accommodates live feed comments and reply.


Kind Regards
Stephen Allen
Admin – Momentum Exists


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6 Responses to "Posters Pending 0001 – 6 posters"

  1. Stephen says:

    If you can benefit from the concept, or know someone who may, then in this post is the contact info for you.

    If you could, or wish to chip in to help the concept develop, then drop a line (email)

    These 6 posters are pending….

    * p = mv
    * spot the pea-brain
    * think bike (green-ticks)
    * velocity alert (amber=red)
    * to stop brake safely (words)
    * you dial it up down (words)

    Kind Regards

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  2. Jack Johnson says:

    These are extra-ordinary (spelling?) should have put ‘neat’, but had too much momentum in my typing, to stop 😮

    Momentum does indeed have absolute relevance, when controlling stopping nad cornering.

    I could understand this would need REFERENCE NOTES, so that joe-public has a place of simple info.

    * Spot the pea=brain is superb. OK as is????
    * P = mv is superb to force public chat (“I know” and “I don’t know” sort of in-car and in-pub yipyap).
    * Think Bike is clever is thought provoking as to why one and two ticks. The answer is excellent info.
    * Velocity Alert is clever is thought provoking as to why amber and red. The answer is excellent info.
    * To Stop Brake Safely is all words and takes slightly more time to browse. Good for magazines etc???. Excellent messege, very clear and flowing an good ending with small child bit.

    All have ability to create discussion debate etc, so worthy work.

    Well done. Site looks good so far and handsome content. Nice

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  3. Tony Marshall says:

    Spot the pea-brain = 10/10 Got it straight away and has humour as well.

    P-mv = 2/10 moving to 10/10 Wow!! The words “get it?” are very good as it makes you first say no! (if honest as no science knowledge). But this is good as is slow but relevant.

    Think Bike – 8/10 Good spin from known campaign (fits well, but you have taken an original thinking line). The ticks force thought as to the meaning. This is good for public discussion. The “direction” is the key in this one. I figured!!!

    Velocity Alert – 9/10 This stimulates questions. Only answered when “velocity” is known to contain a “direction”. The red alert is the direction “headon”. The collision direction. Look out for bikes “facing you, at speed. Very good

    To Stop Brake Safely = 8/10 All reads smoothly and interestingly regarding “Dial down ALL momentum, then the “child” bit suddenly tags you as you leave the poster. It is relative. Using the words “your” is a good reference for responsibility of drivers.

    I think good idea. A slow burn project as is new, BUT VERY RELEVANT

    Good Luck

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  4. Stephen says:

    Looking good. Helpful info…. Awesome Tony (have a badge)…. Thanks all.

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  5. James Sharpe says:

    Very interesting concept. These visuals are a good tool to stimulate either education for road users and or use for training and discussion aids.

    I’d score:
    * Spot the PeaBrain – 10/10
    * The other 5 I would would also score highly – but note they need to be seen a couple of times to “Get it”

    All would also be great in a long term campaign.
    Nice work. thankyou.

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  6. sufiyan ahmed says:

    I like safety
    but i m safety officer

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