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Posters Pending: Velocity Alert – Amber Red


velocity alert - amber red (pending)

velocity alert – amber red (pending)



Poster: Velocity Alert – amber red

A high rate of motorcycle collisions occur at T-junctions….. with a vehicle pulling out in front of the motorcycle.
Momentum carries a velocity part….. which is speed….. in a direction….. because of the direction part, this poster was devised to make a driver “think” direction.
* The direction of the first bike in the poster is side-on….. and if seen from a drivers point of view, waiting at a T-junction….. the bike will be passing in front with a speed and direction along a clear road….. it is safe….. it still has an alert (AMBER) because….. “always think bike”
* The direction of the second bike in the poster is head-on….. and if seen from a drivers point of view, waiting at a T-junction….. the bike is approaching and it is more critical a driver has an imprint of this motorcycle view point (the motorcycle’s direction of travel)….. as it is from this view (if not registered by the driver) that will produce the collision, if the driver pulls out….. This bike gets an alert (RED) = more important view of a bike to have an imprint of….. regarding safe awareness.

This poster has been placed and described, as here, to point out….. that the “direction” part of momentum….. has a place for consideration.

This poster has been designed and placed here, to stimulate thought and discussion between people, to the issue….. that an imprint (pre-set into the mind of a driver) of a bike side-on view is important (Velocity Alert = AMBER)….. and an imprint of a bike head-on view is important….. more so (velocity Alert = RED).


This posters relation to momentum is:
That momentum (‘p’) includes velocity….. velocity is made up of speed….. but also includes a direction part….. awareness regarding direction is important and relevant to road safety


Help Files:
Momentum Explained, in 3 easy parts:
For an explanation of momentum, relating to road safety….. momentum has been honed, simply, into 3 easy parts….. found in the category: Momentum Explained

ME01. Momentum is a quantity….. you have ‘none’ or you have ‘some’.
ME02. Momentum is obtained & lost….. you ‘dial it up’ and you ‘dial it down’.
ME03. Momentum is variable….. you change the mass and/or you change the velocity.

For this poster – Velocity Alert – amber red:
ME03 is relevant….. ME01 & ME02 are useful


These posters are pending, so it’s….. Your turn:
Honed, useful feedback and comments are welcomed.
Chip in (road users, road officials, designers, social professionals, science & techs, fundraisers & grant application specialists, etc)….. all interested in road safety….. able to perceive potential of concept.

The initial goals (all images) are:
1. To stimulate… Awareness to momentum and its presence on our roads.
2. To stimulate… Discussion and argument (debate) from road users, in response to seeing this image and being aware of the accompanying explanations available (applied in a campaign and for now, found here on this website).

Two questions are asked of this poster:
1. If you knew what momentum was…. would you recognise the poster to be correct?
2. Would you agree, momentum is relevant to road safety?


Comment and contact:
– This website has a contact form on it’s CONTACT page….. for direct communication with project admin.
– This poster has it’s own comments box.
– There is a facebook page which also accommodates live feed comments and reply


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3 Responses to "Posters Pending: Velocity Alert – Amber Red"

  1. Stephen says:

    You can place any feedback relating to the poster, but these 2 key question points would be useful:

    1. If you knew what momentum was…. would you recognise the poster to be correct?
    2. Would you agree, momentum is relevant to road safety?

    * Leave honed, constructive info, feedback here.
    * Facebook page has posters up….. for open comments


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    1. Bethany Harper says:

      The poster is eye catching. It is thought provoking. The amber and red alert would stimulate general public curiousity. The answer and the reasoning, given in the description above is superb. So would have to be included in the campaign general.

      The benefit regarding momentum is high. A bike head-on (if seen by the driver, as is) is about to collide – so red alert is suitable tag. A bike side on needs to be considered so amber is suiable.

      The idea to get the side-on (amber alert) “imprinted” into the minds of the drivers, is beneficial.
      The idea to get the head-on (red alert) “imprinted” into the minds of the drivers is brilliant.

      I vote it worthy. 10/10 with info available in campaign.

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  2. James Sharpe says:

    Velocity has a direction. A serious amount of collisions are at T-juctions and the second image of the two is the “view” the car driver would get – therefore has RED alert – as is more important to have this image imprinted.

    Takes a little bit of tuning into. but is brilliant to consider

    This visual is great so as to enable car drivers to have an IMPRINT of a motorcycle in there head – Head on – the most needed.
    Nicely Done.

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