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[Aims and Objectives are given in the ‘About’ page]


The Concept
Momentum is…. the "mass" of an object, multiplied by it's "velocity" (being a speed with a direction).
* mass…. speed…. direction…. ALL have a value to road users.

* An awareness of momentum = an awareness of, mass, speed and direction.
* It is the driver that is responsible for thier vehicle's momentum…. at all times.
* An awareness of momentum = awareness to creating safer road use.
* MOMENTUM is relevant for road safety.

It will be the purpose of Momentum Exists, to find a range of methods, to introduce the concept of "momentum", in ways that may stimulate a knowledge for and of, it's relevance towards road safety.
Momentum Exists is not a campaign…. a campaign of momentum awareness, could occur, only if and when the concept is deemed worthy of such.

Safe momentum:
* All driven (moving) vehicles have some momentum. This has been "dialed up", by the driver….. safely.
* All stopped vehicles no longer have any momentum. This has been "dialed down", by the driver….. safely.
These 2 situations demand a concentration and responsibility from the driver, to enable safe road use

Unsafe momentum:
* Crashed vehicles will have "transferred" their momentum out in part through the persons or objects struck…..
* Dangerously driven vehicles will threaten and endanger, to do as said, regarding crashed vehicles…..
These 2 situations demand responsibility awareness, prevention information and perhaps extended punitive tariffs for higher momentum vehicles involved.

Both safe and unsafe momentum:
An awareness regarding momentum should enable an extra awareness to what is considered safe or unsafe driving. (both as a driver and as a driver being watched and judged by other road users).

Simple example:
(all at same speed and distance)
* A small car tailgating another small car is a threat to the safety of the small car in front.
* A 4×4 or lorry tailgating a small car is a GREATER threat for the safety of the car in front.
…… the latter have a greater mass, therefore a greater momentum.
…… the greater threat comes from the tailgating drivers (in the event of a collision) transferring greater amounts of their own momentum, to the car in front.
As a driver is responsible to dial down their own momentum (to stop)….. so any transfer is unacceptable…. thus:
a larger massed vehicle (tailgating) poses a greater act of driver irresponsibility.
…… a selfish driver, knowing others are aware of this, may influence conduct and so may deter or reduce occurrence.
…… as mass is measurable, this awareness, may influence a change to afford greater punitive tariffs, according to mass of vehicle driven… (tailgater's awareness of this may deter future occurrences)


It even has a cool equation:
As mentioned earlier:
* Momentum is…. the "mass" of an object, multiplied by it's "velocity" (being a speed with a direction)..
* Momentum (p) = mass (m) multiplied by it's velocity (v)
* p = m.v


Here is how momentum has been honed for public comprehension:
(certain key terms have been created and applied)

Quantity of momentum = "none" or "some"
A road user’s journey is made up of being stationary and being moving.

A vehicle, when stationary, has a quantity of momentum = “none”
A vehicle, when moving, has a quantity of momentum = “some”

A vehicle with a momentum = “none”….. cannot cause crash hurt and damage
A vehicle with a momentum = “some”….. can cause crash hurt and damage
Therefore a driver needs to manage their momentum responsibly….. (drive safely)

Introducing a newly coined phrase: You ‘dial it up’ and You ‘dial it down’
* You (the driver) ‘dial it up’.
… A driver is the responsible person to get a vehicle moving:
… It is the driver therefore, that….. ‘dials up’ the momentum (accelerates the vehicle… safely)
… This makes the driver responsible for the vehicle’s momentum.
* You (the driver) ‘dial it down’.
… A driver is the responsible person to get a vehicle stopped:
… It is the driver therefore, that….. ‘dials down’ the momentum (slows the vehicle… safely)
… This makes the driver responsible for the vehicle’s momentum.

Do not transfer it
– A driver is responsible for their vehicle’s momentum.
– To stop safely, the driver must “dial down” ALL of it, themselves.
– If in collision with anyone or anything…. momentum between all involved will be transferred between all involved… and so….
Therefore the driver would have failed to “dial down” ALL of their momentum THEMSELVES… (this is unacceptable… this is unsafe).

Drivers Momentum Checklist:
1. Dial it up and dial it down… you are responsible for ALL of it
2. Manage it in between… you are responsible for ALL of it
3. You have no right to transfer ANY of it, to anyone or anything else. 


Momentum – fresh and relevant.
A road safety concept with momentum as the key word, would allow packets of inspirational and educational type road safety messages (new fresh words and thoughts for the public).
* Momentum (p)….. is mass (m), the vehicle and all in it….. multiplied by velocity (v), the speed in a direction
* Momentum (p) = mass (m) x velocity (v)
* p = mv

* The m bit on our roads….. vehicles on the same road, are a mix of different masses….. this is relevant
* The v bit on our roads….. vehicles on the same road, have a duty for safe spacing….. this is speed adjusting….. it is also direction relevant

Momentum brings awareness to:
mass, speed and direction….. all are relevant to safe roads.

General public road users may benefit from a knowledge and awareness that….. momentum exists…. regarding vehicles.
Drivers are, after all, responsible for a vehicle’s load, speed and spatial position when on our roads….. in relation to others.


Posters (pending)….. as an aid to an awareness type of campaign.
To help visualise the initiative, these posters, have been designed to initiate discussion, stimulate further designs and evolution of the notion "MOMENTUM EXISTS", perhaps in an awareness campaign.
3. Think Bike (green ticks)….. MOMETUM EXISTS – DON'T MAKE IT HIT YOU
4. Velocity Alert (amber red)….. MOMENTUM EXISTS – DONT MAKE IT HIT YOU
5. To stop, brake safely….. MOMENTUM EXISTS – MANAGE IT SAFELY

Formats, such as posters, videos and info sheets, should suffice to stimulate discussion and learning about relevance of momentum on our roads and road safety.
These formats could be offered to the general public, with a mix of serious and humorous takes.

Presenting the subject matter in a clear manner, will take thought and work, here, behind the scenes….. and may contribute a little more to the road safety of people and property 


The general gist that momentum could be made to be considered as relevant for road safety…. is the incentive  for honing this concept initiative…. to air the idea to test and hone…. for integrity and worth.

It's a Work-In-Progress project…. Constructive feedback…. challenge and/or endorsements are welcome



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